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Kevin Herlihy is a sculptor with a passionate respect for the natural world.


Kevin fuses traditional craft techniques using wood, metal and textiles with fine art practices, constantly adapting and evolving methods for reusing waste products. Retrieving and transforming the sadly plentiful supply of discarded material left as litter, bound to become an endlessly drifting hazard from river to ocean or just another product of landfill.


Encouraged from an early age to reuse and recycle by a generation which lived through two world wars. Kevin is distinctly aware of the vast amount of energy used to manufacture disposable products, using raw materials extracted from deep within the Earth and forged there over many millions of years. Kevin injects this energy into his work, making a symbolic return to nature, coming full circle, life clawing its way back from the rubble of dereliction.



For all enquiries or commissions please email:

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